LA Resources

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Ashé Cultural Arts Center 

Ashé Cultural Arts Center creates and supports programs, activities, and creative works emphasizing the contributions of people of African descent. Located in Central City New Orleans, the Center provides opportunities for art presentations, community development, artist support, and the creation of partnerships that amplify outreach and support efforts


Institute for Women and Ethnic Studies (IWES) 

IWES is a national, non-profit health organization, domiciled in New Orleans, formed to improve the physical, mental and spiritual health and quality of life for women of color and their families, particularly among those socio-economically disadvantaged.


Lift Louisiana  

Lif tLouisiana provides free training, resources, and information to communities to help them build more effective advocacy strategies that will improve health outcomes for women and children.  They provide local legal services for medical providers and individuals to secure access, availability and viability of reproductive healthcare services.


Louisiana Budget Project 

The Louisiana Budget Project (LBP) monitors and reports on public policy and how it affects Louisiana’s low- to moderate-income families. They believe that the lives of Louisianans can be improved through profound change in public policy.


Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project

The Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project provides resources for minors who are seeking an abortion but cannot get parental consent.  Louisiana allows a minor in this situation to petition a court for permission to have the abortion. This website will walk you through the process and can connect you to an attorney who will represent you free of charge.


Metro Center for Women and Families

Provides counseling, emergency shelter, and medical and legal advocacy for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

24-hour local crisis hotline: (504) 837-5400


New Orleans Abortion Fund 

NOAF provides financial help to women who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion, works to ensure that all people have access to quality medical care, regardless of their economic situation.  504.363.1112 (NOTE: THIS IS A VOICEMAIL. IT IS ONLY CHECKED ONCE PER DAY)


New Orleans Family Justice Center

A partnership of agencies dedicated to ending family violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and stalking through prevention and coordinated response by providing comprehensive client-centered, empowerment services in a single location.

24-hour local crisis line: (504) 866-955


The Data Center  

The Data Center is a fully independent organization that gathers and disseminates data about Southeast Louisiana.  Areas of expertise include disaster recovery, regional economic analysis, workforce development, racial disparity indicators, blight reduction, affordable housing, and coastal population movements.


Women with a Vision

Community-based collective by and for women of color that addresses issues that negatively affect women and communities of color.